Tourism & Hotel Mgt

YEARBBA Bachelor with honors in leisure, tourism and hotel management  
Code Module Code Module  Title Comment
Level 1Award : Certificate of Higher Education  
       YEAR 1Year 1Trimester 1BLTH 1101 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry 15 Credits
BLTH 1102Principles of Hotels and their Management 10 Credits
BLTH 1103 Food and Beverage , service Operations20 Credits
BLTH 1104Front Office Operations I 15  Credits
BLTH 1105 Quality Sanitation and Hygiene 10  Credits
                                  Sub total70 Credits
Year 1Trimester 2BLTH 1201Introduction to Leisure and recreation facilities 10 Credits
IT 111Basic Computer Literacy10 Credits
DECN 1202Microeconomics 10 Credits
BLTH 1103English for Tourism and Hospitality 10 Credits
BLTH 1204Swahili language tourism and hospitality 10 Credits
                                  Sub total50 Credits
 Total 120 Credits
Level 2Award  : Award: Diploma in Higher Education 
Year 1Trimester 3BLTH 1201Accommodation Operations I15 Credits
BLTH 1202French for Tourism and Hospitality10 Credits
BLTH 1203Leisure theories and recreation facilities Management 15 Credits
BLTH 1204Food Preparation and Cookery 10 Credits
BLTH 1205 Food and Beverage costing and Control 10 Credits
  Sub total 60 Credits
YEAR 2                YEAR 2      YEAR 3LEVEL 5                  Year 2Trimester 1   BLTH 2101World Travel and Tour Guiding 10 Credits
BLTH 2102Health, Safety and security management 15 Credits
BLTH 2103Wildlife and Protected area Management 15 Credits
CENT 1201Entrepreneurship Development skills 10 Credits
BBAD 1202Introduction to accounting 10 Credits
Sub total 60 Credits
Total120 Credits
Level 3Award : Advanced Diploma in Higher Education  
Year 2Trimester 2   BLTH 2301Basic Statistics for Tourism and Hospitality Industry 10 Credits
BLTH 2302Food Science and Nutrition 10 Credits
BLTH 2303 Cultures and Tourism in Rwanda 10 Credits
BLTH 2304 Events Operations and Management 10 Credits
MGT 222Business Ethics 10 Credits
CMAC 2303Research Methods 10 Credits
 Total 60 Credits
Level 4Award: Ordinary Degree in Business Administration 
Year 2Trimester 3      YEAR 3Trimester 1 Core Modules  
BLTH 2401Tourism and Hospitality sales and Marketing 15 Credits
BLTH 2402Travel and Tour Operations Management 10 Credits
BLTH 2403Tourism recreation and Environmental Management 10 Credits
BLTH 2404Project Management 10 Credits
BLTH 2405Beverage Management and Cocktail making15 Credits
 Sub total 60 Credits
 Total 120 Credits
 YEAR 3 Trimester 1 
BLTH 3101Tourism planning, policy and Development in EAC10 Credits
BLTH 3202Tourism Operating and Management 15 Credits
BLTH 3303Food Production Management and Ethics Cookery 15 Credits
BLTH 3404Front Office Operations II10 Credits
BLTH 3505Industrial / Internship training10 Credits
  60 Credits
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration 
Year 3Trimester 2 &3BLTH 3201Strategic Management in Tourism 10 Credits
BLTH 3202Hospitality and Tourism Law 10 Credits
BLTH 3203Accommodation and Operations II10 Credits
BLTH 3204Bio-diversity and Environmental pollution 10 Credits
BLTH 3205Hospitality and Customer care 10 Credits
BLTH 3216Research Project in Tourism and Hotel 10 Credits
  60 Credits
 Total 120 Credits
 Total for the programme480 Credits