Mass Communication


YEARBBA Bachelor Degree with honors in Mass Communication  
Code Module Code Module  Title Comment
Level 1Award : Certificate of Higher Education  
       YEAR 1Year 1Trimester 1BMAC 1101Introduction to mass communication15 Credits
BMAC 1102.BMAC 1102. Writing for   the mass media15 Credits
BMAC 1103Media History10 Credits
BMAC 1104Communication skills10  Credits
ECS 111Computer skills10  Credits
                                  Sub total60 Credits
Year 1Trimester 2BMAC 1201Theories of Mass Communication15 Credits
BMAC 1202Introduction to Public Relations15 Credits
BMAC 1203Introduction to Broadcasting15 Credits
BMAC 1204Introduction to photo journalism15 Credits
                                  Sub total60 Credits
 Total 120 Credits
Level 2Award  : Award: Diploma in Higher Education 
Year 1Trimester 3BMAC 1301Introduction to Kiswahili language10 Credits
BMAC 1302Media Law10 Credits
BMAC 1303Radio production15 Credits
BMAC 1304Media Management15 Credits
BMAC 1305Research methods in Mass Communication10 Credits
  Sub Total60 Credits
YEAR 2               Year 2Trimester 1   BMAC 2101Mass Media and Society20 Credits
BMAC 2102News writing and  Editing20 Credits
BMAC 2103Development Communication10 Credits
BMAC 2104Advertising, Copy & Layout10 Credits
Sub total 60 Credits
Total120 Credits
Level 3Award : Advanced Diploma in Higher Education  
Year 2Trimester 2   BMAC 2202Documentary History and Theory 10 Credits
BMAC 2203Newspaper editing, design and layout15 Credits
BMAC 2204Art of Public Speaking 15 Credits
BMAC 2205Desktop Computing for Magazines and Newspapers 10 Credits
 Sub Total 60 Credits
Level 4Award: Ordinary Degree in Mass Communication  
Year 2Trimester 3    Core Modules  
BMAC 2201Online Journalism 20 Credits
BMAC 2301Television and Radio News writing (Theory and Practice)20 Credits
BMAC 2302Investigative and Interpretative Reporting 20 Credits
 Sub Total 60 Credits
   Total 120 Credits
  Award : Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication
YEAR 3LEVEL 5 3rd year 1st Trimester     3rd year 2nd & 3rd  TrimesterBMAC 3101Public Affairs Reporting 15 Credits
BMAC 3102Introduction to Rwandan Culture and Media Ethic 10 Credits
BMAC 3103Public Relations Production & Services 15 Credits
BMAC 3201Diplomatic Communication& International relations20 Credits
LSFE  3202Language : Swahili, French and Kinyarwanda10 Credits
 Sub Total 70 Credits
BMAC 1205Human Rights and Democracy10 Credits
BMAC 3203Industrial attachment in Mass Communication 20 Credits
BMAC 3304Research Project  Mass Communication 20 Credits
 Sub Total 50 Credits
 Total 120 Credits
 Total for the programme480 Credits