Film making & Production


YEARBBA Bachelor with honors in Film Making and Production  
Code Module Code Module  Title Comment
Level 1Award : Certificate of Higher Education  
       YEAR 1Year 1Trimester 1BFS 1101Film History & Theory10 Credits
BFS 1102Introduction to Cinematography & Light 15 Credits
BFS 1103Introduction to Sound Recording for Film 15 Credits
BFS 1104Introduction to Digital Editing 10  Credits
BFS 1105Principles of Scriptwriting 10  Credits
                                                                   Sub total60 Credits
Year 1Trimester 2BFS 1201Basic Principles of Directing 10 Credits
BFS 1202Film, Professional Ethics & Society 10 Credits
BFS 1203Production Techniques I 15 Credits
BFS 1204Basic Computer literacy/ICT skills I 15 Credits
BFS 1215Interpersonal Communications- Language skills I10 Credits
                                                                   Sub total60 Credits
                                                                     Total 120 Credits
Level 2Award  : Award: Diploma in Higher Education 
Year 1Trimester 3BFS 1301Intermediate Cinematography 10 Credits
BFS 1302Intermediate Sound Recording for Film 10 Credits
BFS 1303Intermediate to Digital Editing 15 Credits
BFS 1304Scriptwriting Lab 15 Credits
BFS 1305Film acting 10 Credits
   Sub total60 Credits
YEAR 2                YEAR 2     Year 2Trimester 1   BFS 2101Film analysis 15 Credits
BFS 2102Computer skills/ICT II 10 Credits
BFS 2103Interpersonal Communications- Language skills II 10 Credits
BFS 2104Production Techniques II10 Credits
BFS 2105Visual Anthropology for Filmmakers 15 Credits
 Sub total60 Credits
 Total120 Credits
Level 3Award : Advanced Diploma in Higher Education  
Year 2Trimester 2BFS 2201Advanced Digital Editing 15 Credits
BFS 2202Directing with Actors II 15 Credits
BFS 2203Film marketing and distribution 10 Credits
BFS 2204Internship in Film.10 Credits
BFS 2205Production Management 10 Credits
 Sub total60 Credits
Level 4Award: Ordinary Degree in Business Administration 
Year 2Trimester 3       Core Modules  
BFS 2301Advanced Sound Recording for Film 15 Credits
BFS 2302Production design 15 Credits
BFS 2303Advanced Cinematography 10 Credits
BFS 2304Business & Entrepreneurship10 Credits
BFS 2305Film Industry and Media law 10 Credits
 Sub total60 Credits
 Total 120 Credits
YEAR 3 Year 3Trimester 1BFS 3101Film Lighting II 20 Credits
BFS 3102Digital studio recording and sound design 20 Credits
BFS 3103Multimedia Advertising 20 Credits
BFS 3104Music Video Production 20 Credits
  Sub total80 Credits
Year 3Trimester 1&2 BFS 3201Research Project in Film production 20 Credits
BFS 3202Industrial Attachment in Film making and Production 20 Credits
 Sub total40 Credits
 Total120 Credits
 Total for the programme480 Credits