Course structure

YEAR ProgrammeBachelor of Education with Honours in Mathematics and Physics 
 Levels & TrimModule CodeModule TitleNumber of Credits per module
Level 1  
        YEAR 1            Year 2Trim. 1COM  1101Communication Skills  10 credits
COL  1101Computer Literacy10 credits
HUM 1101Humanities 10 credits
PHY 1101Classical Mechanics 10 credits
MAT 1101Mathematics Analysis I10 credits
PHY 1102Properties of  Matter and Thermodynamics10 credits
 Sub-total 160 credits
Trim. 2MAT 1202Statistics and Probability I10 credits
IRM 1201Introduction to Research Methodology10 credits
EDP  1201Educational Psychology 15 credits
EDG  1201General pedagogy and teaching methodology15 credits
MAT 1201Linear algebra and Geometry I10 credits
                          Sub-total 260 credits
                       Total120 credits
Level 2Trim. 3     Trim.1  
PHY 2301Electromagnetism 10 credits
PHY 2302Waves and Optics10 credits
MAT 2301Mathematics Analysis II10 credits
EDH 2301Human Developmental  Psychology10 credits
PHY 2303Modern Physics10 credits
EDC2301Curriculum  studies10 credits
 Sub-total 360 credits
MAT 2103 Linear algebra and Geometry II10 credits
PHY 2104Special relativity and Electrodynamics10 credits
EDF 2101  Foundation of education 15 credits
EDS 2101Mathematics and Physics Teaching Methods15 credits
PHY 2105Analytical Mechanics10 credits
 Sub-total 460  credits
Total120 credits
Level 3ENT 3201Entrepreneurship Skills10 credits
Trim.2EDM 3201School Management and Administration10 credits
MAT 3201Statistics and Probability II10 credits
PHY 3201 Mathematical Physics10 credits
EDR 3201Educational research 10 credits
MAT 3202Mathematics Analysis III 10 credits
 Sub-total 560 credits
Level 4  
Trim. 3 PHY 4301Solid State Physics10 credits
MAT 4301Functional Analysis10 credits
EDM 4301Educational Measurement and evaluation10 credits
PHY 4302Quantum Mechanics15 credits
MAT 4302 Numerical Analysis and Linear Programming15 credits
 Sub-total 6 60 credits
Total120 credits
Year 3Level 5  
 Trim. 1MAT 5101Stochastic Processes10 credits
PHY 5101 Statistical Physics 10 credits
PHY 5102Atomic Physics10 credits
MAT 5102Group Theory 10 credits
MAT 5103Data Analysis10 credits
MAT 5103Multivariate Analysis10 credits
 Sub-total 760 credits
EDE 5201Educational Technology and Microteaching10 credits
Trim.3EDT 5301Teaching and School Practice30 credits
EDD 5301Dissertation 20 credits
 Sub-total 860 credits
 Total120 credits