Film making & Production

A film making and production degree in EAUR includes technical education in film making, you’ll make films using high-quality camera, lighting and editing equipment, developing your practical skills and gaining more independence as the course goes on. Depending on your course, you could be taught using traditional classroom instruction, hands-on workshops or seminars. Your university may also be able to take advantage of proximity to nearby media centers, studios, cinemas or theaters

East African university is the only university in Rwanda where you will find the authentic and quality content that can will enable you to get knowledge in different fields in film making like.


Technical aspects of film making at EAUR – Focusing on good camera use, editing techniques, lighting, sound, production design and directing.

  • Film directing
  • Video/film editing
  • Script writing
  • Acting
  • Audio production and Voicing
  • Camera operation
  • Etc…

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