Mass communication

East African University’s mass communications program prepares students to work as professionals in public relations, journalism, telecommunications or in emerging media technologies.

This bachelor’s degree program balances a broad knowledge of the liberal arts and natural sciences with the professional and theoretical preparation needed by today’s media professionals.

Mass Communications Tracks at EAUR

Telecommunications — Studies include video production, video editing, broadcast journalism, programming, and management. Students can also study sports, documentary, corporate video or dramatic/comedy production.

Journalism — Studies include online journalism, editing, feature writing, magazine editing and production, public affairs reporting, and broadcast journalism.

Public Relations — Studies include public relations theory and practice, publicity and public relations, PR cases, and problems, as well as options in video production, feature writing, online journalism, introduction to business, economics, marketing principles and practices and advertising management, students participate in a mass communications seminar, practicum or internship.

Emergent Media — Studies in Emergent Media develop the skills employers are looking for in web design, visual communication, social media, and other new media technologies.

A minor in Emergent Media in Mass Communications provides students in disciplines outside of the major with a broad background in emergent media and its functional uses. The program will enable students to develop a strong foundation in emerging media, particularly in the areas of new communication technologies, website development and design, and visual communications within a mass communications context.

In today’s media-centric world employers are looking for individuals with multiple skills in the latest media use and design, media literacy, and web design and development. In East African University Rwanda we equips our students with what ever will take in the world of competition.

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