Film school win a trophy in the inter school tournament.

EAUR Film school has won a trophy after beating school of mass communication at the finals 3-1 in the university inter school tournament which is played every year.The winners (film school) went back to their faculty with a lot of prizes including a mega trophy handed to them by the Vice Chancellor Prof.Prof. Joseph GAHAMA.

News from the university sports reporter says that this years tournament was very stiff because the all the schools’ teams where well prepared and determined to take the trophy to the their faculties than never before.

The captain of the winners had this to say about their victory”We thank God for the chance,energy and determination he put in us to win the match,it was not very easy but we managed to.We also thank the our H.OD fro puting trust in us as the team and encouragement and lastly thanking the management of EAUR for organizing such a wonderful tournament each year and we promise to bring it more harder next tournament.”

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